We are YAYsmm and our Social Media Management platform is now launching!

Not everyone had a great 2020 and this is why we decided to launch on January 1st of 2021. We couldn’t risk any bad JuJu coming with us from the dumpster fire of a year that 2020 was!

We’re sure you’ve come across a few popular SMM schedulers in the past, but I doubt you’ve come across anything like ours, and that’s mainly because we’re freeeeee! Yes, actually Free, and we don’t limit your posting or scheduling. Schedule 1 post today or schedule 1,000! It’s up to you 🙂 The only thing we will charge for, in the future, is any analytics features we add to our services in the coming months.

The Starting Line

We all have to start somewhere, right?

We’re currently competing with large million dollar companies who have plenty of cash to throw around and we need people like you, yes you, to sign up for our services and show these giants that their pricing is ridiculously high.

Choosing the perfect SMM software could be difficult for most people, even if you’re a seasoned marketing veteran, so we decided to let everyone use our services for free.

It isn’t a difficult decision to test us out if you don’t have to pay anything, add a credit card, or pay at a later date 🙂

If you aren’t a fan of our services, you can easily close your account, and we can part ways. Now, if you choose to stick with us, we love you even more, and we want to help you grow your social media presence as big as any fortune 500 company!

If we’re free to use, how do we make money?

A lot of you are probably thinking that good things don’t come for free, but hear us out!

We offer our services free to you because we have partners who put a logo on your dashboard. They don’t advertise on your posts, they don’t force you to do anything, they’re simply there in case you want to purchase from them.

Also, we only accept partnerships to relevant services and businesses. You’ll never see some health and beauty website or automotive business linked as a partner. Only relevant businesses and services that could help your own business or website 🙂

These partners are why you get free access to top-level software that helps you post to your social media platforms or schedule everything for a month (or longer) down the road.


As of right now, we’re pretty bare-bones, compared to where we want to be, but we wanted to launch so everyone could start saving money and scheduling out their social media posts.

We don’t have specific time frames for when we want to add additional features, but we do know what will be added, and those features are:

  1. Twitter Analytics
    You will be able to view all of your statistics, retweets, comments, etc. from within your dashboard on our website.
  2. Twitter Automated Activity
    You will be able to automatically respond to retweets and comments from within your YAYsmm dashboard.
  3. Instagram Analytics
    You’ll be able to view your likes and comments from within your dashboard.
  4. Instagram Direct Messenger
    You’ll be able to communicate directly with your followers from your dashboard within our site.
  5. Instagram Automated Activity
    Automatically respond if someone comments or likes your shared photo or video.
  6. Instagram Streaming
    You will be able to stream directly to Instagram from your YAYsmm dashboard. You will also be able to stream with pre-recorded videos!
  7. Facebook Streaming
    Stream directly to Facebook from your user dashboard and even use pre-recorded videos to do this.
  8. YouTube Streaming
    Just like the Instagram and Facebook streaming features, you can do this from your user dashboard and even use pre-recorded videos.
  9. Proxy Manager
    You will be able to manage your proxies for any account you link them to. This is more of an advanced feature and will likely be used by agencies that manage multiple business accounts.

Here’s a picture of some Adorable Puppies 🙂

Stay happy, healthy, and safe in 2021 🙂